Technology and Party Items

Parties offer a way for people to break away from the daily grind of work and become a bit more creative than usual. You can see this in the attention that many people pay to how they decorate a place for a party, or prepare the food, or even come up with some sort of costume. As with most things, technology allows people to do some interesting and crazy things, making parties more fun in the process, as well as more artistic.

Just think about the decorations and entertainment in some parties. Some people set up game consoles so that guests can entertain themselves by challenging each other to races or virtual games of tennis. Other people set up projectors connected to the internet, which allow people to post and view photos that people are taking at the party. When it comes to food, the internet is full of great design ideas for cakes, pastries and more, so that even people who don’t see themselves as particularly creative can come up with cat cupcakes or puppy pastries. All you need is a quick trip to a cake supplies NZ store, and you have pretty much all the ingredients needed for food and sweets that are memorable.

Technology, Music, Craft and Purpose

There are a lot of debates that touch on technology and music. This can be a sore spot for a lot of people because they place a lot of importance on the idea of authenticity. They want their music to be authentically produced by the artist or artists whose names are on the album. They tend to deplore the idea that artists can use technology as a form of crutch. There’s attention being focused on the use of auto tune, for instance. Many people don’t like the idea that a person can break into the music industry, even without natural talent, since that person’s voice can be fixed in the studio electronically.

There’s the sense that something important is slipping away. After all, many people see singing and music as a craft. In this case, it isn’t enough to come up with the final product which sounds great. Instead, the process is also important. So for some, if the artist is able to sound good on the album, and if the singing is actually the unaltered voice of the singer, then they feel that this is something worth aiming for. The ability to sing and the training needed in order to be able to have such control of his or her voice is something that they consider to be important.

So in a way, it can be said that music is different from other tasks. For example, if you hire a company for cockroach control in Auckland, the purpose is getting rid of cockroaches in a certain area. It almost doesn’t matter how exactly they get rid of the cockroaches, as long as they do it in a way that is safe, that preserves health, and so on. It’s different with music. People aren’t satisfied even if the song on an album sounds perfect. That isn’t the complete purpose. Instead, the process behind creating the song is part of the craft and purpose as well.

Tech and Wedding Photographs

It’s interesting how people have been having fun with wedding photographs thanks to photo editing software. I personally like the ones which involve dinosaurs chasing wedding guests. Who wouldn’t want to look back with love and nostalgia on something like that? But this is one of those situations where technology allows people to do something with art, in this case the photographs, that they might not otherwise be able to do. One question though is whether there are any negatives to all this.

One possible negative is when the bride and groom go somewhat overboard so that they see the wedding photography, not as a way to immortalize an important event in their lives, but as a way of drawing attention to the photographs themselves. It’s fun, yes, but if the couple forget that the wedding is for them and about them, and obsess over making everything, including the photos, more cool, then it feels like something is out of balance.

A Quick Note on Music and Carpets

For as long as I can remember, I’ve associated music performances with carpeted areas. Of course, this isn’t always the case or even necessary. You can pretty much have a music performance wherever. That said, I guess that many of the music performances that I caught when I was younger happened in carpeted music halls and similar venues. The carpet does have its purpose for being there. It helps to deaden the sound of footsteps. And this makes sense to me since it can be annoying when someone starts walking to the restroom while the performers are doing their thing.

So when I’m in a carpeted music hall, the feeling of the carpeting underfoot fills me with nostalgia. Of course, it helps if the carpet is nice and not dingy. A visit from a company specializing in carpet cleaning in Christchurch would always be appreciated. And if the carpet is rather thick and plush so that you can really feel it through the soles of your shoes, then that would be even more great.